even if you are in tower built up strong and high

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Quran [4:78]

Whereever you are, death will find you


What is The Janazah Project?
The Janazah Project started as a simple funeral fund whereas needy families received funds to cover their funeral bill. The news would reach the community that a Muslim family was afflicted with a death of a loved one and that the family is unable to pay the funeral bill. So a group of blessed brothers and sisters would donate hundreds of dollars at a time to take care of that funeral bill.



Our Facilities
Various Muslim Funeral Service
facilities in NY.

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Funeral in Islam
In Islam, we find the funeral guidance
we follow today.

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The upcoming workshops
and events.

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Many brothers and sisters wish to volunteer after hearing about the rewards involved with washing the deceased body of
their fellow Muslim brothers or sisters.


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Contact Details:

The Janzah Project
5121 2nd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Telephone: +1 718 757 2670
FAX: +1 347 823 3238
E-mail: donate@thejanazahproject.org