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Why Donate ?
Performing the Janazah for our fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters is Fard Kifayah (a Communal Obligation from Allah) with GREAT REWARDS. Yet many Muslims in our communities are either left without a proper Janazah or cannot find the total finances to cover the expens-es of the Janazah for their loved ones. As an Ummah, WE are held responsible in the sight of Allah to make sure that each neighboring Muslim receives a Janazah according to the Qur'aan and the Sunnah; if not we are at SIN

The average Muslim Funeral to date is approximately: $3,300. This includes the Funeral Service Bill, the Full Cemetery Charges and all
necessary paperwork.

For families in need, The Janazah Project works with a Muslim Funeral Service which provides a complete package of $1,700 for adults and
$900 for babies.

These prices include the funeral bill, cemetery bill and all necessary paperwork. Through our donations The Janazah Project covers all of these costs, by the Permission and Blessings of Allah SWT.

Abu Rafi (May Allah be Pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (Peace and Blessing of Allah Upon Him) said: "He who washes a Muslim and conceals what he sees (bad smell, appearance, etc.) Allah SWT grants him forgiveness forty times. And he who digs for him (a grave) and buries him would be granted a reward similar to providing for him a Home until the Day of Resurrection. And he who shrouds him, Allah will clothe him on the Day of Resurrection from the silk garments of Jannah. (Al-Bayhaqi and others.)

Anyone who donates towards this Project receives these rewards as well, because through these donations, the washing and shrouding is done, the salaatul Janazah is performed and the burial is made, all according to The Qur'an & Sunnah.

There are many ways one can donate to the Project


Credit Cards

One may Donate Financially directly through the link above
These funds are used in the actual funeral costs, such as the burial box, the removal from the hospital, the transportation to and from the place of the Janazah Prayer, the expenses involved in washing and shrouding, etc.
One may also donate in the name of their deceased family or friend towards this Sadaqah Jaariyyah Project in hopes that Allah will accept this act from them even after their death, Allahu Akbar!


One may Donate Materials

If one wished to donate Shroud only- They may do so considering that the shroud be clean white, uncut and at least 60 inches wide. Usually, shroud locally will cost $2 — $4 Per Yard and each fabric usually comes in a roll of 100 — 200 yards.

If one wished to donate Oils only- They may do so, provided that it does not contain any alcohol.

If one wished to donate Camphor only- They may do so, provide that they do not smell like moth balls- which are usually known to be placed in urinals. It should be in solid (cube) form so it mixes easily into the water. Liquid bottles of camphor are usually extremely expensive.

Burial Boxes
If one wished to donate Burial Boxes only- They may get in touch with the brothers from Sunnah Caskets who provide high quality boxes for Muslim burials for very reasonable prices. Even though all organic material will deteriorate underground, the box cannot be weak to the point that it may break during transport, during the lowering of the body in the grave, or when large amounts of dirt is shoveled or poured over it

Contact Details:

The Janzah Project
5121 2nd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Telephone: +1 718 757 2670
FAX: +1 347 823 3238
E-mail: donate@thejanazahproject.org